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Floatplane / Bushplanes

Liard Air Ltd operates a fleet of floatplanes catering to the daily needs of BC resident hunters and facilitating access to our trio of hunting cabins.  While our primary focus remains on serving BC resident hunters, we extend our services to encompass freight and supply deliveries for mineral exploration, outfitters, trappers, and more.
Liard Air Ltd. has a reputation for safely operating immaculately maintained aircraft.

The company also holds Transport Canada certification to fly external loads such as canoes, aluminum boats, lumber etc.

DeHavilland Canada Turbine DHC-3 Otter

Among our aircraft, the DeHavilland Canada Turbine DHC-3 Otter stands tall. This legendary aircraft accommodates up to 9 passengers and can carry a freight load of up to 2200 lbs. Its spacious cargo door allows for the convenient loading of complete 4x8 foot plywood sheets, 45-gallon fuel drums, and various hunting supplies. Crafted by DeHavilland with a focus on performance, this recently overhauled and refurbished machine, nicknamed the "Bush Limo," is powered by a robust 750 hp PT6-34 turbine. Its exceptional capabilities enable access to high elevation and relatively small lakes, offering unparalleled access to the pristine wilderness of northern Canada.

Cessna 208 Caravan

In addition to the Otter, our fleet includes the versatile Cessna 208 Caravan, renowned for its rugged utility and adaptability. Equipped with a powerful turboprop engine, the Caravan embodies a rare blend of high performance, cost-efficiency, and adaptability. Its capabilities make it an ideal mid-level aircraft, adept at transporting gear into mountainous terrains and lakes, ensuring seamless and reliable operations for various missions.

Tips to Pack

  • Consider each item you want to fly-in. Do you really need it?

  • Keep your packages small. Opt for compact packages; plastic tote boxes are highly practical, doubling as containers for meat transportation.

  • Before departure, weigh your load at home, ensuring both your personal weight and gear remain within the airplane's specified capacity.

  • Avoid tying shoes or other items to your backpack to prevent entanglement during loading and unloading.

  • Zip up all compartments on your backpacks, duffle bags, and jackets securely.

  • During loading, prioritize heavier or bulkier items first, placing lighter ones on top for balance.

  • Liard Air has the authority to carry a variety of dangerous goods. However, we need your cooperation to do so.

  • For compliance with Transport Canada's dangerous goods regulations, your pilot will inquire about the quantity of ammunition, propane, fuel, and internal combustion engines (such as chainsaws, outboard motors, etc.) you're carrying.

  • If you bring pepper spray or bear spray, you must let the pilot know, so he can place the can into the float luggage compartment (You do not want the pepper spray to go off in the aircraft cabin…)

  • Please ensure that rifles are unloaded.

  • Opting for our outpost cabins significantly reduces gear requirements. Guests often fly-in using smaller planes, resulting in substantial savings on air charter costs.

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