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Our Hunting Cabins

Our rustic fly-in hunting cabins are an integral part of the BC hunting experience, situated along the serene shores of remote mountain lakes within the northern Rocky Mountains and the Muskwa-Kechika wilderness area – renowned as the "Serengeti of the North." Nestled in this untouched wilderness accessible only by floatplane, our secluded lakes see scarce human traffic, offering a chance to immerse yourself in nature while pursuing diverse wildlife.

Discover the thrill of hunting in BC where few have tread before, relishing the tranquility and majesty of northern British Columbia's expansive outdoors.

Our hunting cabins, meticulously crafted in the traditional Yukon log building style, provide pristine and comfortable backcountry accommodation tailored for groups of two to six individuals. Each cabin boasts a wood stove, essential kitchenware, foam mattresses, and a convenient outhouse. Furthermore, our outpost cabins are equipped with canoes, boats, and outboard motors, all included in the rental package. Hunters are encouraged to plan a minimum stay of 6 nights. Due to limited availability, please contact us early for securing your preferred hunting cabin.

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