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Hunting Charters


Fly-in BC Resident Hunting, in collaboration with Liard Air Ltd, operates Single Otter and Caravan floatplanes between late May and October 10, catering specifically to BC resident hunters.

Our flight costs are based on the total weight of passengers and freight. We recommend pre-weighing yourselves and your gear before departing your home for your BC hunting trip for optimal planning.

Prioritizing safety and compliance, Liard Air Ltd boasts a state-of-the-art platform scale at the floatplane dock. All cargo and passengers undergo weighing procedures before aircraft loading.

Safety remains the primary focus of our pilots, with a history dating back to 1981. Flying in mountainous regions poses occasional challenges, such as high winds, low cloud ceilings, and freezing temperatures. For enhanced safety measures, we strongly advise BC resident hunters to carry satellite phones or a satellite messaging device for weather communication with our pilots before scheduled pickups. If needed, we offer several phones available for rent to ensure seamless communication during your hunting expedition.


Price Example

Hunting Party of 6 pers. to Mayfield Lakes return with a maximum weight of 2200lbs.


DHC-3 Turbine Otter

Sept 20: Flight to Mayfield Lakes                  $ 4200.00

Sept 30: Flight back from May Field Lakes  $ 4200.00

2xBackcountry Landing fee                           $    100.00

Total                                                                   $ 8500.00

-5% Early Booking Discount                         -$    425.00

Total for 6 Hunters                                          $ 8075.00

Price Per Hunter                                              $ 1345.85 plus tax


Selection of lakes we fly to:

Blue Lake (MU 7-50), Birches Lake (MU 7-52),Blue Sheep Lake (MU 7-52), Chesterfield Lake (MU 7-41), Colt Lake (MU 7-52), Cook Lake (MU 7-52), Dall Lake (Turnagain) (MU 7-52), Denetiah Lake (MU 7-52), Fern Lake (MU 7-50/42), Frog River (Headw.) (MU 7-52), Gataga Lakes (MU 7-51), Haworth Lake (MU 7-41), Island Lake (One) (MU 7-52), Johiah Lake (MU 7-52), Kluachesi Lake (MU 7-50), Mayfield Lakes (MU 7-51), Moodie Lake (MU 7-52), Netson Lake (MU 7-51), Obo Lake (MU 7-40), Pike Lakes (MU 7-51), Pop Lake (MU 7-52), Quentin Lake (MU 7-41), Rainbow Lakes (MU 7-41), Sandpile Lake (MU 7-52), Tetsa Lake (MU 7-50), Toad River (Ram Lake) (MU 7-51), Tuchodi East (MU 7-50), Tuchodi West (MU 7-50), Weissner Lake (MU 7-41), Wolf Lake (7-51), Wokkpash Lake (MU 7-51).

Please contact us for flights to lakes not listed above.

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