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Our Frog River hunting cabin, a hidden gem for hunting in BC, resides 90 air miles southwest of Muncho Lake, perched high in the Cassiar Mountains at the continental divide between the Pacific and Arctic watersheds. This elevated mountain valley is embraced by stunning ridges and peaks to the north and south. The elevation of Frog River and it's lakes is 3300 ft. A picturesque sandy beach is perfect for relishing the extended summer daylight.

Venturing into the vast wilderness from your hunting cabin, you can easily access the 7500 ft ridges north or south on daily hikes. The Frog River valley extends west into the Pitman River headwaters, enabling a swift journey from the Arctic watershed at Frog River to the highest Pitman Lake in the Pacific drainage in under 2 hours. Few are aware of the hidden gem – a natural hot spring located on the Frog River. A day trip from the cabin entails a canoe ride to the initial rapids, a short portage, canoe three-mile down the second lake, leave the canoe at the beach and hike one hour downstream to the natural hot spring.

Animals Frequently Observed

Commonly sighted wildlife includes moose, caribou, and mountain goat, making the Frog River wilderness hunting cabin an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Accessible solely by floatplane, a breathtaking 55-minute flight from Muncho Lake traverses the Muskwa Kechika, venturing through the northern Rocky Mountain trench into the secluded Frog River valley nestled within the Cassiar Mountains.

Outpost cabin equipment

Equipped to facilitate your wilderness living, the Frog River cabin offers foam mattresses, essential kitchenware featuring a 2-burner propane stove, cutlery, and a solar powered light. Additional amenities such as a solar shower bag and an outhouse ensure practical comfort during your stay. Boats, motors, and a canoe are provided for guests, enabling fishing and hunting expeditions along the Frog River.

For added convenience, guests are advised to bring their own generator, as the cabin is wired for electric lights and power, ensuring an enhanced experience in this remote wilderness sanctuary.

Frog River Cabin

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