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Our Netson Lake wilderness hunting cabin, a prime destination for hunting in BC, lies 50 air miles southwest of Muncho Lake and is exclusively accessible by floatplane. Nestled within the Muskwa Range at the northern tip of the Rocky Mountains, the unspoiled Netson Lake valley hosts pristine landscapes and abundant wildlife.

This secluded valley serves as a haven for substantial populations of moose and caribou. Netson Lake drains northward through Netson Creek, eventually joining the Rabbit River, which feeds into the Liard River and flows to the Arctic Ocean via the Mackenzie River. Positioned near the southeastern edge of Netson Lake, our wilderness hunting cabin stands alongside a crystal-clear stream, offering unparalleled fishing opportunities right at your wilderness retreat.

Animals Frequently Observed

The region invites exploration via motorboats and canoes, facilitating moose and caribou hunting adventures. During the summer months, it's a common sight to witness up to a dozen moose grazing in the lake's shallow bays daily, accentuated by the spectacle of the midnight sun illuminating the northern sky—a breathtaking view easily enjoyed through the cabin's panoramic window. For the adventurous souls, embarking on a multi-day hike from the Netson Valley into sheep country adds an extra layer of excitement.

Outpost cabin equipment

Equipped to be your home away from home, our wilderness hunting cabin comfortably accommodates groups of up to 6 individuals. Featuring foam mattresses, essential kitchenware with a 2-burner propane stove, a sloar powered light, and amenities like a solar shower bag and an outhouse, this cabin ensures functional and comfortable living amidst the wild. Boats, motors, and a canoe are available for guests to navigate and explore Netson Lake.

For added convenience, guests are encouraged to bring their own generator, as the cabin is wired for electric lights and power, providing an enhanced experience while staying in this remote wilderness sanctuary.

Netson Lake Cabin

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