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Our Netson Lake wilderness hunting cabin is located 50 air miles southwest of Muncho Lake and is only accessible by floatplane. The Netson Lake valley is nestled in the Muskwa Range at the very northern tip of the Rocky Mountains.


The pristine Netson Lake valley is home to large populations of moose and caribou. Netson Lake drains north through Netson Creek into the Rabbit River which empties into the Liard River and flows to the Arctic Ocean via the Mackenzie River. Our wilderness hunting cabin is situated near the southeastern end of Netson Lake right beside a clear stream which offers an amazing fishing experience at the doorstep of your wilderness home.


Animal Frequently Observed

Motorboats and a canoe invite you to explore the lake and hunt for moose and caribou. It is not uncommon to see up to a dozen moose feeding in the shallow bays of Netson Lake daily during the summer months. The midnight sun of summer illuminate the northern sky – a fantastic view observed through the panoramic window of the cabin.  For the adventureous:  hike out of the Netson Valley into sheep country (multi day hike).


Outpost cabin equipment
Our wilderness hunting cabin is your home away from home. Parties of up to 6 persons can live and sleep comfortably in the cabin. Foam mattresses, cutlery, basic kitchen utensils with a 2 burner propane stove and a propane lantern are in the cabin for your daily life in the wilderness. A solar shower bag and an out-house complete the amenities for the simple, but functionally equipped Netson Lake cabin. Boats and motors as well as a canoe are part of the cabins equipment and can be used by our guests to fish and hunt Netson Lake.
Bring your own generator - this cabin is wired for electric lights and power.

Netson Lake Cabin

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