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BC Resident Hunting


Bushpilot Urs has been flying BC resident hunting parties into the remote wilderness of Northern BC since 1981. He has flown thousands of hours in the Rocky Mountains and has a vast amount of experience in transporting BC resident hunters into their chosen hunting locations.


Northern Rockies Adventures Ltd. operates a fleet of floatplanes  for the ultimate BC hunting experience. Our bush plane flights cater to BC resident hunters departing from Muncho Lake at Mile 462 of the Alaska Highway.


Covering the Northern Rocky Mountains, Muskwa-Kechika, the Northern Rocky Mountain Trench, and the Cassiar Mountains (MU 7-40, 7-41, 7-42, 7-50, 7-51, 7-52), our operations encompass prime hunting territories.


Legendary hunting lakes such as Kluachesi, Tuchodi Lakes, the headwaters of the Muskwa River at Fern lake, South Gataga Lake, Denetiah Lake, Moodie Lake, Dall Lake,  and Netson Lake to name a few are best accessed from Muncho Lake.


Enhancing your hunting experience, we provide hunting cabins and options for boats or canoes on select lakes. Fly in and embrace BC resident hunting with us for an unforgettable adventure amidst the picturesque wilderness.


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